You are invited to FrazierCon 2020 (Thursday, October 8th - 7:30 pm EST)

Catch up with people that you haven't seen (or want to have seen) in decades.

Blasts from the past from Randolph Elementary, H-B Woodlawn, University of Texas, University of Virginia, Army, Colorado, Cardozo, Yorktown HS, AMS, NFTE, Stargazer, Jackson Road, Woodley/IMF, Softball, SOFA, The Local, Real Estate CNG, Follett, the Mortgage Mafia, O'Leary Academy and Fort Hunt University.

It's the single greatest assemblage of people whose lives have been ruined touched by Frazier O'Leary that the world has ever seen.
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Gifts are expected.
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IMPORTANT: Because of the cool virtual space we'll be entering, this is LAPTOP/DESKTOP only. Does not support mobile - phone/ipad- place your seating location and adult beverage accordingly!
Frazier is Dead to Me

Thanks to everyone who joined us tonight! (Party Planning assignments will be sent out soon!)

The Original Masked Warrior

Pictured with unnamed assistant

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